Beginners Guide to Sex Dungeons (UK)

1000’s of people book hotel rooms every day for the pure reason of having sex whether it’s a couple of cheaters hiding from their spouses, married couples escaping the kids or just a romantic weekend away from it all. The fact is there is something nice/naughty about hotel rooms they seem to give us the privacy we want to enact our dirtiest of desires. But sometimes when your kink is a little more on the kinky side a hotel room doesn’t cut it after all the vanilla noise of a couple fucking is hard enough to ignore as it is, add this with screams of pain or the begging of your sub and I can guarantee the hotel manager will soon be awkwardly knocking on your door.

So what do you do if you want to enjoy your kink uninterrupted and away from your family home? Well book a Dungeon, that’s right you can actually rent fully furnished sex dungeons right across the UK. But like hotels Dungeons may vary which is why we are in the process of visiting each Dungeon in the UK and will be rating them with the traditional 5 Star rating system, so it’s easy for you to choose a Dungeon that suits your needs. (If you run a sex dungeon, please contact us for details of how to be added to our Dungeon Reviews page)

Why Rent a Sex Dungeon?

If you’re into bondage or any other sexy kink you will have seen lots of sex toys, machines & furniture that appeals to you but they often come with a heavy price tag and take up a huge amount of space that not all of us can accommodate in our homes. Sex Dungeons allow you to go full on into your kink with none of the messing around of setting up a mini-dungeon of your own at home and they also allow you to enjoy things you might not be able to afford or store in your home and then there is the best bit they are 100% private and usually in secluded areas away from prying eyes. You can really live the dream of your kinkiest desires completely uninterrupted.

What to Expect From a Sex Dungeon?

Each sex dungeon is different as I said they are just like Hotel rooms you get the Good, the Bad and the Ugly and its all about personal preference do you want a classy upmarket dungeon that looks like it’s straight from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie or do you want something that looks like it’s come straight from a horror movie? Checking out the website of the dungeon is the best way of getting a feel for what to expect but please note that most sex dungeons don’t seem to hire website designers and look pretty seedy even for Sex Dungeons (maybe I should contact them and offer my services).

What Should You Pack for a Night in a Sex Dungeon?

Well apart from our usual selection of clothing and toiletries we always take some cleaning supplies because we know how dirty things can get in a sex dungeon so if we are to use any of the sex dungeons stocked toys, clothing, furniture or other accessories we give them a quick antibacterial clean just to make sure everything nice and clean this is not a reflection on the Dungeon owners as any good Dungeon will have a strict deep cleaning policy. We also take our favourite selection of toys and a cheeky bottle of champagne. Oh, I nearly forgot don’t forget your aftercare lotions and potions because your Sub is definitely going to need these after the night in a Sex Dungeon.

Who are Sex Dungeons for?

Sex Dungeons are for anyone who wants to kink up there lives, I have friends that are very Vanilla and find the things me and Little Sub get up to be “strange” and “weird” I have since managed to get them to try a few things out, and they have thanked me for introducing them to a few non-hardcore kinks including spending the night in a Sex Dungeon. In fact, they have been back 2-4 times now so I think its safe to say anyone can visit a sex dungeon and enjoy it. You don’t find yourself in the middle of a dungeon and all of sudden become sadistic bondage sex lovers, you can enjoy vanilla sex in a dungeon to the atmosphere adds to all types of sex and kinks.

Where Can you Find a Sex Dungeon that Suits Your Needs?

This is something I not so long ago asked myself and google results for this are pretty scarce but I have managed to find a good selection from across the UK for our readers visit our Sex Dungeon UK directory. We will also be adding reviews for them as we visit them so you don’t have to guess what to expect from them.

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