The Basilisk Sheath Review

Today Little Sub and I are reviewing something a little different from the guys at Bad Dragon, we have been sent the Basilisk Sheath. In the usual very discreet packaging in very good condition all the way from the USA.

Specification of the Basilisk Sheath

The Basilisk Sheath from Bad Dragon comes in 2 sizes small and medium. We have received a small and looking at it the space for my penis does look tight but its super stretchy so should be fine.

Dimensions (inches) Small Medium
External Diameter of Thickest 2.42 2.60
External Diameter of Thinnest 2.03 2.17
External Circumference of Thickest 7.25 7.75
External Circumference of Thinnest 6.35 6.75
External Usable Length 4.25 5.00
Internal Diameter of Shaft 1.25 1.34
Internal Circumference of Shaft 3.66 4.00
Internal Usable Length 4.00 5.00

The colour options are not as ranged as other Bad dragon toys but there is still plenty of choice, we received mossy stone which in my opinion is the colour to go for with this one.

Getting to know the Basilisk Sheath

I have to say you can tell from the second you grab hold of this sheath that its well made and more importantly it is going to add some serious girth and texture. It’s super stretchy but keeps it’s form when released. Now I have very little experience in sheaths but it is pretty easy to understand how to put it on similar to the Oxballs  Cock and Ball rings I have previously reviewed so I decided to put it on in the privacy of the bathroom.

Quick Tip: Making sure you are trimmed will help a lot as silicone and hair do not go well together. Also try applying a small amount of lube to your cock and balls will make getting the sheath on easier.

I pushed her onto the bed and lubed up the sheath and her tight little pussy, she was not enjoying the Basilisk Sheath so far and I could see in her eyes that she was not looking forward taking the Monster Cock. I rubbed my cock and the sheath up and down her wet pussy lips to prepare her for the biggest cock she had ever taken. I slowly pushed my cock inside her and could feel myself separating her pussy as she bit her lips in discomfort. Once I was in I had to hold her hands down because her natural reaction was to try and push be away. After only a couple of minutes I felt a gush of liquid shortly followed by a howl of an orgasm from Little Sub this took me over the edge and  I filled her pussy with Jizz. Little Sub looked completely violated lying there with a look of relieve with her cum filled pussy dripping.

After getting the sheath on I looked down at what could only be described as a “Monster Cock!” I was about to give Little Sub the shock of her life. The sheath is ridiculously comfortable just tight enough around my cock to stop the head of my penis from slipping out and a rather satisfying amount of squeeze around my balls.

Little Sub was awaiting me in the bedroom playing with her new Die Cast Doxy Wand so was in a very playful mood, well until I revealed my newly acquired dragon cock to her. Her face dropped and she said “Fuck me!” which for me was the perfect reaction. I told her to get to her knees and start sucking because she was going to need to lube up my cock as much as she can to take this bad boy. She started by sucking on my exposed bellend I was harder than ever but as she tried to take more of me in her mouth I could see her lips were stretched so wide it was not pleasant for her. For a moment I actually thought I was just going to blow my load right there and then.

Little Subs Thoughts on the Bad Dragon Basilisk Sheath

The Bad Dragon Basilisk Sheath is one of the scariest things I have ever had to face in the bedroom, it looked amazing on Master X and although it’s huge it turned me. I have no idea what I would have done if it wasn’t for the Die Cast Doxy play beforehand. When he rubbed the dimples of the sheath up and down my pussy it drove me crazy. So I would like to have the sheath used on me again but it is defiantly not an everyday toy for me.

8 Total Score
The Basilisk Sheath

The Bad Dragon Basilisk Sheath is not for the faint-hearted and is definitely a must for any guy with a size queen. I think although we both had fun reviewing the sheath (me especially) it will be going on my punishment list as its too big for pleasure for Little Sub.

  • 100% platinum-cure silicone
  • Amazing Quality
  • Very Comfortable (for the guy)
  • Could offer more sizes
  • Can be fiddly
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