Autoblow 2+ Sex Machine Review

Today we have something really special to review from the guys at  Autoblow2 the Autoblow 2+ now I have to say I have seen the Autoblow around on the web I think I first saw it on a crowd funding site a few years back and remember thinking “No surely not” I didn’t think it would raise the funds if I am honest but I am glad it did and I am happy to see it has been a huge success as they are now on the third generation of the sex toy. I have to say this is the first time I will have ever put my dick in something that is mains powered which is a little daunting but I am sure I will come out of this review intact (I hope so anyway).

Unboxing the Autoblow2+

The Autoblow 2+ came really quickly (first pun) in very discrete plain packaging always good when you are receiving sex toys.  There was an extra surprise in the box the Autoblow2 handle. My first impressions are that the Autoblow 2+ is a lot bigger than I expected. The packaging is of a high quality compared to other sex toys I would call it luxurious and well designed.

What does the Autoblow 2+ promise to deliver?

Well after reading the information on the box and watching the video on  I have to say the product has been built up a lot in my head I am about to have the blowjob of a life time without the need of a women’s touch, I am pretty sceptical at this point if I am honest here are the claims:

  • Unlimted Blowjobs on tap ( up to 2000)
  • Realistic Blowjob  simulation
  • Convenient just lube up and off you go
  • Does all the work for you deep throat style
  • 500 hours of stroking action more than 2000 blowjobs (15 min a blowjob, see I can do maths)
  • Improves Stamina

I will be very impressed if all these claims are accurate and true and I hope they are can let Little Sub have a week off.

A closer look at the Autoblow 2+

So let’s open up the Autoblow 2+ and see what we got.

  • Size A Virgina Sleeve (For the Smaller Man)
  • Size B Mouth Sleeve (Most Popular Size)
  • Autoblow 2+ machine
  • UK Plug Mains power supply
  • Autoblow2 Easy Grip Handle (sold separately)

The sleeves are fully removable for easy cleaning.

Unleashing the Blow Job Machine

Ok, so I think the whole point of a blowjob machine is more for solo play so in this review Little Sub will be nothing but a spectator. In preparation for the review, I prepared my favourite porno on the big screen and got myself comfy on the sofa, luckily the Autoblow2+ comes with a lengthy power lead so finding a plug socket wasn’t a problem. I applied a good amount of water-based lube inside the autoblow2+ as well as rubbed my cock and hit the play button on my porno. I inserted my cock and slowly turned the power wheel on the bottom of the Autoblow, at first, it gave out a screech but I turned it up a little further and this stopped, it felt good slow but very satisfying I have to admit very close to a slow sloppy suck. It was made even hornier with Little Sub kneeling beside me watching with a look of jealousy. I turned up the Autoblow2+ it was a lot noisier  on the faster speed but this was solved by turning up the TV (might be a problem in a shared home) the stroking of my cock without having to use any effort at all was great it was as if the blowjob machine was moving itself up and down my hard cock. I invited Little Sub to suck on my balls, but unfortunately the size of the Autoblow2+ didn’t allow for this, so she had to carry on watching. I was ready to blow so I cranked it up to full speed and just in time for the money shot. Word of warning leaving it on fast after you have blown your load wow! Ouchy! Oooops! with your super sensitive cock it can be a real mix of pleasure, pain and just stop!

6.5 Total Score
Autoblow 2+ Sex Machine

I didn’t hold out much hope for a blowjob machine at first because the concept is a little bit strange, but after putting it into practice its a nice bit of blowjob kit. I would recommend it to others, after all, it’s not bank busting considering the product you are getting for the cash.

  • Very Unique
  • Actually works
  • Well Built
  • Great Value
  • A little Noisey
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