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First things first we are a none profit Blog all money taken is spent on the upkeep and improvement of the site, we run the site because we enjoy it and at this moment in time all the writers and contributors are unpaid this keeps all of our content unbiased and fair for our readers. We want to not only educate our readers on sex toys but we also want to help with sex toy advertising as we know it can be restricted through traditional channels and we want more people to enjoy sex toys.

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Sex Toy Banner Advertising

All of our banners rotate between advertisers equally, making sure that different adverts are seen by people navigating multiple pages of the site and so that all advertisers get the same amount of exposure. We offer a varieties of banner spaces to suit all advertisers and each banner is specifically placed for optimum viewing for our readers.

We never have more than 4 advertisers occupying an banner space at a time if there are less than 4 advertisers occupying a banner space you are paying for then this is an added bonus to you as your ad will be shown more often. Also if we do not manage to sell banner spaces we may choose to leave your banners on but this is at our discretion.

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Sex Toy Reviews

The KBFB team loves sex toys we all use then we all enjoy them, and better yet we all have completely different preferences, so we make perfect sex toy reviewers. If you sell sex toys either direct to public, or you are a manufacturer we are happy for you to send us  products in exchange for an honest and fair review from one of us we will even let you choose the keyword links as long as they fit in with the honest and unbiased review.

We also offer the opportunity for our resident illustrator to create a bespoke illustrations of the product being used by the reviewers character this has proven to keep the readers interest by 65% there is a small charge of £10.00 for this service, please see the gallery below of examples that have been commissioned by other companies. You will also have full rights to use your commissioned illustrations on your own sites or even merchandise.

Just get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you to arrange delivery and give you an estimated turn around on the review going live. Check out some of our product reviews below.

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Bondage Sex Toy Reviews
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