The BOLERO by Pillows Foreplay Review

We were kindly sent the Bolero pleasure pillow from the lovely people at in exchange for our honest, fair and unbiased review. sell a range of innovative pleasure pillows in which you pop your favourite dildo/vibrator/male masturbate into, and it holds it firmly in place for you to enjoy however you please.

I received my Bolero very quickly in very discreet packaging and immediately opened the package to discover a black box with the Logo on. In the box was the main pillow itself in a nude colour, a luxurious Pink satin feel pillow case and instructions.

I had been really looking forward to using this after having read so many great reviews. I’ve seen similar inflatable products but always thought they looked a bit boring, or that the dildos attached looked like they wouldn’t really meet my needs. With the Bolero pleasure pillow fitting 98% of sex toys you can swap and change dildos to suit your moods. Which is perfect if like me you have more than a couple of ‘go to’ dildos. also have a pleasure pillow for men called ‘Tango’ in which they insert their masturbator into the pillow which then securely holds it freeing his hands and feeling more like intercourse than masturbation. They are also launching a pillow called ‘The She-Saw’- a pillow in which two sex toys can be inserted for simultaneous same-sex masturbation.

Setting Up The BOLERO

Having unpackaged the pillow and read the instructions I began to blow up the pillow, It was taking a while and didn’t seem to inflate at all, so I decided to use an air bed pump- which did the job in seconds. You inflate it to your preference; I prefer it fully inflated. You then choose the toy you want to use and insert it into the pillow and then keep it held securely by pumping the second pump by hand. The pillow deflates easily enough via the pressure valve that sits just inside the inflation tubes.

The Bolero has been designed with every shape and size in mind and will give masturbation a whole new dimension and one that can be enjoyed alone or with a partner. The fact that your hands are not stuck holding your sex toy means that they are free to explore. The pillow itself is manufactured of a medical grade PU and is totally Phalate free. The Pillow covering is made from satin which comes in various colours and styles and can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees Celsius, meaning that you can enjoy yourself as much as you like without worrying about mess and keeping it hygienic.

The Pillowsforeplay Bolero is the perfect travel companion. Folding small enough to fit inside your handbag or travel luggage and wouldn’t raise any eyebrows going through customs as long as you put your toys in your hold luggage, that is. Lightweight so isn’t going to weigh you down. Ideal for those business trips, where your partner has to stay at home, those kinky nights away together or just for a horny singleton.

The blown up Bolero looks impressive, especially with my favourite dildo sticking out of it. Slightly larger than a normal pillow, but discreet enough to be confused for one of your everyday pillows. And obviously, super light weight so easy to move its position. The silky sleek satin fabric is sensuously soft to the touch.

The BOLERO in Action

I tried lots of my toys with the Bolero pillow from Pillows Foreplay but the toy that looked and fit the best was my Tyson the Water Buffalo from Bad Dragon, he just looked so handsome attached to the pillow. I lubed him up and lowered myself onto him instantly being filled by the dildo as the pillow allowed my legs to straddle it as if I was sitting on an actual man. At first my movement felt restricted but this was soon solved by letting a little bit of air out of the pillow. This was a game changer, every movement I made now had a different result I could bounce fast and hard and on impact the pillow would harden thrusting Tyson deep inside me, as I leaned forward the air in the pillow would slowly slide him inside me and the silky pillow cover felt amazing making my nipples hard.

I didn’t think there was any other way to use the Belero sex pillow until Master X commanded me to turn around with my head down. He told me to slowly fuck the pillow while he watched it was sooooo hot. Then I felt his finger apply lube to my ass slowly inserting his finger; I was about to see what double penetration felt on steroids. He pushed his hard cock into my ass and slowly fucked me thrusting harder each time and with every hard thrust inside me caused the air in the pillow to push the dildo deeper inside me. I could feel both his hard cock and the huge dildo rubbing together inside me and at this stage, I had my arms wrapped tightly around the pillow trying desperately not to sink my teeth into it. I couldn’t take any more this pillow case was going straight into the washing machine as I flooded the case I have never cum so much in my life during the amazing orgasm Master X filled my ass with jizz. I collapsed with all my weight on the pillow; I could have slept on it for a week.

I was loving every second on the Bolero pillow it was the closest thing I have ever fucked to the real thing. I inflated the pillow a little more to make it firmer and sat on the dildo again while I sucked Master X’s cock because the pillow was firm but soft it actually felt like I was being fucked as I sucked the harder I sucked the more movement there was with the pillow it felt very realistic and I was losing myself with the thought of servicing 2 cocks at the same time. By now as I looked down I could see the pillow case turning a darker shade where I had made a wet patch I don’t know why but this was super hot to see as I was just getting wetter and wetter. Then Master X started fucking my face holding my head tightly against him as I choked and trembled the pillow vibrated as I clenched my trembling legs tightly around it.

Master X’s Thoughts on the Bolero By Pillow Foreplay

What a fun sex toy ingenious even I loved every second of this review watching Little Sub solo, fucking her pretty little face as she squirmed on the pillow and the best bit of course fucking her tight ass and feeling her filled pussy as I fucked her. I am really looking forward to reviewing the Tango (Male Pillow) next. 5/5 from me. I urge every couple to get one you don’t know what you are missing.

7.5 Total Score
The BOLERO by Pillows Foreplay

Without a doubt the Bolero is the closest thing to an actual threesome in my book. Single ladies and couples this is a must to spice up, kink up and just improve anyone’s sex life.

  • Really well made
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with 98% of Dildos and Vibrators
  • Easy to Clean
  • Prepare to fall off
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