Oxballs Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock Review

Today I reviewing the Oxballs Unit X Stretch ball stretcher cock ring kindly sent to me by the super cool people at Uber Kinky in return for an unbiased and honest review.

I am fast becoming a BIG fan of Oxballs products as you may know from reading my reviews on the Oxballs Urinal Gag & the Oxballs Cocksling 2 so I have high expectations for the Oxballs Unit X Stretch but this is the first time I have used a ball stretcher. I received the Oxballs Unit X via Royal Mail tracked in very discreet packaging so the postie had no idea what I had been sent which is as you will know very important when buying sex toys.

So let’s look at the Oxballs Unit X Stretch

The Oxballs Unit X Stretch is well packaged in a foil/plastic which displays the ball stretcher. This Oxballs product is a lot larger than the cock sling 2 which worried me a little as the cock sling 2 did get in the way during intercourse a little. If I am honest at this stage I am not looking forward to putting my junk into this cock ring at all the thought of getting my balls through the small opening and back out of the other end looks like it may be painful.

The material is a super stretchy rubber and is phthalate free but at the same time it has a firm hold to it which I guess is so it can hold your balls in place tightly. The ring that goes to the base of the penis is a lot thinner than the Oxballs cocksling 2 so it doesn’t look like it will cover as much of my cocks length which is good.

I am well versed in cock rings and most sex toys but as this was my first attempt at ball stretching I thought I would do a little research before putting my boys through the trauma, but it turns out there is a lot more to ball stretching than I first thought people do this for different reasons:

  • To stretch the balls to hang lower long term
  • For the sensation of the balls being tugged on
  • For bondage punishments

As I am not one for pain, that’s Little Subs area I am going put myself in the top two reasons for the sake of this review so if I feel pain just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t.

Putting on the Oxballs Unit X Stretch

There are no instructions exactly on how to do this I know it’s not rocket science but it would have been nice to have a technique given after all my family jewels are about to be stretched. I chose the shower as the safest place to try this out as the water should make things glide but not to the point where I could not grip the ball stretcher with my fingers. I put two fingers from each hand through the long tube and stretch them apart creating a large gape in the ring then scooped my balls into it, which was pretty easy actually then I hooked the cock ring over my cock.

It actually feels really good and there was no pain what so ever, I will say if you where to try your balls within the tube of the cock stretcher I think this would be a completely different story so be careful with that. My balls were now being stretched and it wasn’t uncomfortable. I think this would be a good way of testing your testicles as well for lumps and bumps as the sac skin is tightened so your testicles are on show and easy to access.

Wearing the Oxballs Unit X Stretch During Sex

I was ready to try out my new ball stretcher in the bedroom with Little Sub, we started with a blowjob to see how it helped or hindered and I have to say having my balls sucked on has never felt so good using the stretcher as a handle Little Sub could deep throat my balls which is a new one for us but I loved it. Also, the cock ring at the base of my penis didn’t get in the way during the blow job like the cock sling 2.

We then moved on and tried a few sex positions while I was wearing the Oxballs Unit X Stretch and this is where it became a game changer each thrust caused my balls to swing and spank Little Sub so in doggy her clit would get a pounding from my balls while I pounded her pussy and in missionary her ass would get a spanking this felt good for me and I think Little Sub liked this too.

Taking it off was a little more tricky I tried while it was dry and I soon gave up and jumped into the shower where it just slipped off pain free not a big issue I could have used lube if a shower wasn’t available.

So the Oxballs Unit X Ball Stretcher is a great sex toy and I really enjoyed reviewing it, in fact I think it has now taken over the place of the cocksling 2 so it has to be a 5 star rating from me.

Little Subs Thoughts on the Oxballs Unit X Stretch

This ball stretcher makes oral really easy and it looks hot on MasterX’s cock, I love the fact that he can choke me on his balls. When he fucked me wearing this the sensations from his balls slapping my pussy and spanking my arse truly tipped me over the edge and forced me to orgasm. Oxballs have done it again. Also something MasterX has not mentioned was the free tattoo transfer that came with the product from Uber Kinky which he made me put on my ass this added a little kink as I felt I had been branded. I look forward to MasterX wearing the Oxballs Unit X again

9.5 Total Score
Oxballs Unit-X Stretch by Atomic Jock

The Oxballs Unit X Stretch was at first a little off-putting for me but once I had bit the bullet and got it on I was amazed that I actually really enjoy ball stretching its not a PAIN thing unless you want it to be. I look forward to trying out more ball stretchers now so I have to thank Uber Kinky for introducing this new Kink to me.

  • Very High Quality
  • Phthalate free
  • Comfortable
  • Adds another dimension to intercourse
  • Looks a little scary initially
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  1. At first I had some difficulty putting this one on. I tried unsuccessfully on three occasions. Finally, when my sack was warm and my nuts were hanging loose, I tried again and was successful. The feeling was too great for words to describe. It was incredible! I have never been so hard in my life and I shot a load like never before. – I strongly recommend this product, but advise patience when you first get it.

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