Tori Black Lotus Fleshlight Girls Review

Today I received the Tori Black Fleshlight from in return for a fair unbiased review thanks again guys. If you haven’t already seen the Fleshlight Girls Collection your in for a treat.

If you haven’t heard of a Fleshlight by now then you must have been hiding under a rock for the past few years just in case you have Fleshlights are the creme-dela-cream of male masturbators. I have use one in the past but it was when they first hit the market so this will be a good chance to see if any improvements have been made.

The first thing I have noticed is the one I received from Sexcite is modelled on the porn star Tori Black which funnily enough does add to the experience to thing I have fucked Tori Blacks pussy ok I know it’s not really but it’s as damn close to as I am getting. The packaging is pretty cool has some pictures of Tori herself on there. Also the Fleshlight hard casing is pearlescent white which is much nicer looking than the plain black I had previously.

Fleshlight Girls Cyber Skin

Removing the cap off the Fleshlight reveals the super soft cyber skin replica of Tori Blacks pussy. But I wanted to know just how good this replica was so had a quick searched around the net to make a comparison image for you.


Well it looks pretty good doesn’t it obviously without the colouring it’s a pretty good clone isn’t it.  So we know it’s a real cast of Tori Black that’s for sure.

The Cyber Skin used by Fleshlight is like no other as you run your fingers across the lips of the toy it feels very much like the real thing leaving a slight residue on your fingers at first I thought it was wet but I actually think its the protective powder used on the toy which you can to renew the Fleshlight after each use.

Cleaning the Fleshlight Girls

Ok so after use the Fleshlight has basically gone from a clean tight pussy to fuck into a used cum dumpster so it needs cleaning before you put it away until next use. I actually tipped the contents onto Little Sub which was fucking awesome to watch. Then I took it to the bathroom sink (Dont do it in the kitchen sink it’s just wrong) removed the sleeve easy enough and ran water through the center you can have some fun here if you are as childish as I am you can fill it like a water balloon (not saying you should). After washing it through came the fun it (not) finding somewhere for it to air dry so I folded a towel and left it on the bottom of the bed. This was a little inconvenient. When I went up to bed I checked it and it was a bit sticky so I got the instructions out and now realised what the renewing powder was for, apparently corn starch does the trick but its not something my kitchen has in stock so I used Baby Powder seemed to do the trick no more stickiness and it felt good as new again.

Little Subs Thoughts on the Fleshlight Girls Collection

I like MasterX’s new toy, its turns me on watching him use it almost like watching him with another women, it was easy enough for me to use on him as well but it is a little big for my little hands to hold. I loved the cum bath that it produced for me as well. I hope MasterX use’s this again with me.

7.5 Total Score
Tori Black Lotus Fleshlight Girls

It’s a very good quality male masterbater with the added bonus of being modelled on a real life pornstar. It gives a very realistic simulation of fucking a really pussy so for all those single guys out there it’s a must have. I’m not sure if I would reach for the Fleshlight every time I want a wank but maybe keep it for special occasions. It’s the closest your going to get from the really thing.

  • Very realistic simulation of the real thing
  • You get to fuck a porn star
  • Easy to use
  • Cleaning up afterwards is a little time-consuming
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