Oxballs Jerk Male Masturbator Review

Today I was given the Oxballs Jerk Male Masturbator by Skunky, which has been nicely sent in by Uber Kinky for a fair and honest review. This will be my first review of a sex toy, so let’s get started.

The Oxballs Jerk Male Masturbator came very quickly and in extremely discreet packaging. The male masturbator comes in a simple foil bag for freshness. Once removed from the foil bag, you are presented with a slightly tacky jelly like masturbator, mine is clear, but you can also get this in black, but I think it will be fun to see what’s going on inside while in use.


Now I am well versed in male masturbators I have tried many different types including Fleshlights, Tenga Eggs, and cheaper none branded, At the moment this feels like a cross between a Tenga Egg and Fleshlight. Comparing the website image and the actual product I have received I think maybe mine should have been rejected during the moulding process because you can see a lot of moulding still attached and also a lot of imperfections I don’t think these will  affect the products performance but visually it looks a little crappy (images uploaded <—- to compare).

All in all a little disappointed at this point especially from a great company like Oxballs.

So I lubed up my cock and the Oxballs Jerk, the material was pretty firm so there was no chance of getting my semi in there so I had to play and get hard before I could use the toy. Once I was rock hard, I pushed my cock into the opening which was very tight, and it felt really good like I had just penetrated a virgin ass. I could really feel the textures in the canal of the toy as my cock thrusts against them. At this stage it was beginning to hurt a little as the toy is pretty snug to my cock, I am larger than average, but I don’t normally get this issue with male masturbators.

After adding more lube and not pulling the toy completely over my cock I got back into the swing of things, it was horny seeing my own cock bulging through the clear material of the toy. I think this would be a good toy for couples as its visually stimulating. After sticking some of my favorite porn on things were looking up, when I blew my load into the masturbator it was the coolest cum shot I had ever witnessed my spunk filled the clear tube completely covering my cock and the ribbed canal felt out of this world on my super sensitive cock removing my cock from the masturbator felt like a second orgasm almost. Because of the super tight entry on the masturbator it held back all my spunk and lube so my cock came out clean.Making the clean up really easy and mess free.

6.5 Total Score
Oxballs Jerk Male Masturbator

I can’t lie being a huge fan of Oxballs cock rings I am a little disappointed with the Oxballs Jerk, although I think for a slightly smaller guy it would be a good toy but for me the material just didn’t have enough give to accept my cock comfortably. I think maybe Oxballs should look at introducing different sizes.

  • Really tight entrance
  • Very visually stimulating
  • Too small
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