Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

Before reading this blog we want to make sure it’s understood that this product does NOT contain any real animal fur and no animals where hurt during this review.

Being a Furry I obviously jumped at the chance of receiving the Fox Tail Butt Plug from the very generous guys over at Uber Kinky, in return for a fair and unbiased review. My signature piece in the bedroom is normally my skunk butt plug hence my name ‘Skunky’, but I could not wait to review the Frisky Fox Tail Butt Plug after reading all the rave reviews about it.

I received my butt plug in very discreet packaging with absolutely no clues as to what’s inside so my nosey posty was absolutely none the wiser that he was delivering me my new tail butt plug sex toy. On opening the package, the Fox Tail is packaged in a really cute box with a picture of the tail and a picture of a cartoon woman holding a cartoon version of the butt plug (not as cute as me tho). Very cute and simple and actually I doubt anyone would think that it had a sex toy inside if you were to accidentally leave it lying around in the box (which I carelessly do all the time) unless of course they were to take a took a closer look and read the description on the box.

Ok so here’s the boring but important bits. The Frisky Fox Tail Butt Plug is made from black TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and contains no latex or phthalates. the butt plug itself measures 4.5 inches and the Tail 14 inches with the overall diameter being 1.46inches. The circumference of the plug measures 4.47inches and has an insertable length of 4 inches. As with most Butt plugs, the Frisky Fox Tail comes in just the one size option. There are no special instructions on use or cleaning but as with similar products on the market its recommended to wash with warm soapy water or toy cleaner before use and after every use. It’s also advisable to use lots of lubricant for easier more comfortable insertion.

Taking the Tail out of the box, it looks adorable. The fur is really soft and silky and could be doubled up as a tickle toy to use during foreplay, as I personally love the feel of anything silky and soft softly touching my nipples, stomach or clit- this turns me on hugely.  The plug is really smooth and neatly bullet shaped with a tapered tip for easier insertion. The plug itself is really flexible which should make it comfortable and easy to insert. It doesn’t look too big or too small for my personal preference, but I suppose I will know for sure when I try it out. I have to admit I’m not easily excited over butt plugs; I find most are either too big or just look like they will be very uncomfortable however I am rather turned on by the thought of using the Fox Tail and cannot wait to slide it into my ass and swoosh my new tail.

The plug is the right size for a nice tight, secure fit. As you swoosh, you can feel the tail almost ‘pull’ which give an extra dimension to the pleasurable sensations.

Trying the Butt Plug on for Size

Ok so this butt plug is actually considerably bigger than my skunk tail but am sure it will be fine. I warmed up with my finger and plenty of  Clean Stream Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube to help relax my tight bum, I then covered the buttplug up to the neck in Golden Girl Desensitizing Anal Jelly Lubricant which is a much thicker lube almost a grease.

I slowly teases my anus with the tip gradely sliding it deeper inside me I could really feel it stretching my ass now, slightly uncomfortable I forced the rest of the butt plug into me with a pleasurable sting. It was in and it felt great with a quick tug to chek it was secure I decided to walk around the house to test out my new toy and with every step there was a sexy tickle from the fur tail followed by a gentle but arousing tug on the butt plug my ass was crammed and I was getting very wet, I grabbed my Clayton Dildo and began to sit on it but there was no chance I could feel it hitting the butt plug inside me which teased me bad. I had to swap to my smaller toy Bumble Hooves with a little extra pressure I managed to get him inside me I could feel the pressure between the two toys as I rode the dildo I tugged on my tail. Just as I was about to climax I had one last tug on my tail it shot out with a pop which finished me off. I have to say my Skunk Tail Butt Plugs cost me a lot more than this but I have had just as much fun using this one the orgasm was just as strong.

5 Total Score
Fox Tail Butt Plug

The Frisky Fox Tail Butt Plug is priced at £29.99 which compared to other Tail Butt Plugs available on Uber Kinky is at the considerably low end. However, I think this is a bit of a bargain as there’s nothing on this tail to suggest low quality. in fact before knowing how much it sold for I would have suggested it would have been a higher end product, so I was pleasantly surprised. ” positives

  • High Quality for price
  • Comfortable
  • Great sensations and pull when walking.
  • Was protected by what looked like cling film which is extremely difficult to remove completely
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