Sybian Sex Machine Review

The amazing guys over at Fmachinefun sent me the famous Sybian fuck machine for a week in return for my honest, fair and unbiased review. sell and rent every type of sex machine and accessory imaginable for both men and women including the F-Machine Pro, Rocky Male Masturbator, Venus For men Masturbator and of course the world famous Sybian Sex Machine.

The Service

Renting a sex machine can be quite a daunting thought, fucking something that a total stranger fucked a few days prior (although I’m sure for some this would be a major turn on) which is why Fmachinefun are very focused on hygiene. The machines are always thoroughly cleaned and come with disposable attachments ensuring that your Fmachinefun rental is as hygienic as can be. .

The Sybian comes complete with wipe clean saddle and stool (the wipe clean aspect of this comes in very handy). Both entirely covered in high-quality Naugahyde, which will withstand regular washing agents. The Sybian has wired controls, three-meter power cable, attachment (I chose small), stems, red risers and instructions. The Sybian attachments are made from C-Flex® TPE’s and can be washed with conventional washing agents or sex toy cleaner after each use. C-Flex® contains no latex rubber, polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane or silicone rubber for those who have allergies.

So I received a message telling me a time slot in which my rental was going to be delivered in, enabling me to ensure I was there to excitedly take the delivery. My rental Sybian arrived (within the timeslot provided) in a large sturdy, metal case via courier. Although the case is large, metal and unlike any other parcels I’ve ever received in my life, it was very discreetly packaged. With the two combination locks securing it there was definitely no need to worry about anyone sneaking a peek inside or guessing the contents (unless of course they’ve also hired a fuck machine).

I have to be honest, when set up the Sybian looked really intimidating, and I was a little scared after reading some reviews of how powerful it was. I’m a huge Doxy wand fan, and that’s always left me with jelly legs, so the thought of something more powerful made me a little scared but in a good way of course.

The inventors of Sybian describe it as “The ultimate tool when it comes to rebooting your sex life faster and easier.” They claim it is built to last a lifetime and will become an essential element to your lovemaking routine. They also state that Sybian is a “revolutionary machine that will simultaneously stimulate your clit and G-spot and is unquestionably the one device on the market that gives more stimulation to the user to cause orgasmic release.” Pretty big claims to make but I’m yet to hear of anyone disagreeing with these claims, which makes me, even more, excited to use the god that is Sybian.

The Sybian weighs approximately 22lbs, not exactly feather light, but it won’t put your back out. Measuring in at 10inches high, 13.25inches wide and 12.5 inches long, the Sybian is nicely compact but big enough for the larger lady to ride. The Sybian is sturdy, well built and extremely comfortable.

If you are looking to buy a Sybian from (lucky you), then you have a choice of five colours –

  • Blushing Red
  • Classic Black
  • Earth Brown
  • Blissful Blue and
  • Playful Pink.

You also have a choice of a beige or chocolate insert. The Sybian comes with a huge five-year manufacturer’s guarantee for extra peace of mind.

If renting then you get the choice of a 3-day (£105),7-day (£175) or 10-day (£195) rental, and although the Sybian comes with a ‘medium insert,’ there is options to add more inserts or add-ons. Such as a ‘Double insert’ or a ‘Large RealLike Penis Cover’, lubes and bondage kits, but these will incur an extra cost.

As with any electrical appliance, it’s important to switch off the Sybian and unplug from the mains after use. It’s also important to ensure the device is unplugged when cleaning the Sybian.

Now I’ve got all the significant bits out of the way I can share the imperative bit – my experience of Sybian.

Saddling up

I received a knock at my door. It was quite early, so I got up out of bed ran downstairs pretty annoyed that someone was knocking on my door when I was trying to have a lie in. As I opened the door and saw this large metal looking box staring at me, my mood immediately changed, and I knew it was my Sybian from I excitedly signed for the box and dragged the large and slightly heavy box to my dining room. Master X demanded that I wasn’t to touch the box till he came round that night and, of course, being a good Little Sub I resisted temptation and didn’t touch the box even though I felt a throbbing urge to.

Master X slowly turned the rotation switch to a low light rotation that felt good but not anything like I’d been expecting. So I begged for more, and he turned it back down. He switched the vibration switch to a little light vibration and although it felt good I certainly wasn’t getting jelly legs. I begged for more, and again he switched it off.

By now I was gagging to be fucked by Sybian, and I could feel my soaking wet pussy throbbing against the attachment. I really wanted it. Master X then turned both switches, and I felt like I was finally going to get the fucking I longed for. The soft bumps on the attachment softly tickled my clit while the raised lines on the insertable bit of the attachment gave my pussy a treat. By rocking my hips back and forth and adding extra pressure I was really starting to enjoy being fucked by Sybian.

Master X came around and took the box upstairs and set the Sybian up shouting for me to come up only when it was ready. He had set the Sybian up on the bed. It sat there looking like some kind of torture device which aroused me even more. Master X lured me onto Sybian, while softly kissing my neck and tugging on my nipples. As the attachment entered my wet pussy, I went to grab the control to switch on Sybian, but he snatched them before me. He immediately turned on Sybian, and I was expecting to have all these incredible feelings running through my body but of course, that was just to turn the machine on. It felt like he was just trying to tease me as I tilted my hips slowly back and forth urging for sensations.

Master X then turned the power up a little more, wow. My clit was getting teased and my pussy filled and fucked, and Master X was free to do as he pleased to the rest of me while being in full control of Sybian. Master X could clearly see I was enjoying myself, and he was clearly enjoying himself too, he slowly turned the controls higher. By now I was moaning in absolute ecstasy, Sybian felt incredible inside of me. Master X grabbed and pulled on my nipples while turning Sybian up even more. By now I could feel my pussy about to explode so rocked my hips more to get more stimulation onto my clit. Then Master X turned the controls more, and I could feel an instant rush. He then turned the controls more and more till eventually my whole body was vibrating and having incredible sensations in places I didn’t even know you could. The next thing I knew I was in the middle of the most powerful incredible orgasm. Master X pushed my hips back down onto Sybian and lowered the power. This felt absolutely incredible and intensified and made me orgasm for longer.

My pussy was still throbbing from the best orgasm I think I’ve ever had, I went to climb off Sybian when Master X pushed me back down and turned the power up slightly, I am normally quite a one hit wonder, but I instantly regained a sexual urge to cum. Master X restrained my hands behind my back with a tie, so I was utterly powerless. And of course, without the use of my hands and my legs still like jelly, I was unable to move which gave me even more of a thrill.

Master X pulled and played with my nipples whilst turning the vibration and rotation power up and down. I couldn’t control my moaning as I thrust my hips backwards and forwards, so my clit was being stroked by the clitoral stimulators on Sybian while my pussy was still getting a pounding. Every time I felt like I was about to cum Master X teased me by turning the power down and pulling harded at my nipples.

Eventually, Master X turned the power up whilst he sucked at my nipples and just as I was about to cum he turned the power up more and all of a sudden a huge gush came from my pussy. I had squirted for the first time in my life and it was literally everywhere, but it felt amazing. Master X Turned off Sybian, untied my hands and helped me off Sybian. My legs were even more like jelly now, and I actually couldn’t feel them, just a really warm fuzzy fulfilling sensation running through my whole body.

Master X informed me that this was not even at full power as he only got to about 80% of Sybian’s strength. I think anymore for my first time would have changed the experience from orgasmic to almost unbearable, and I wanted to ease myself in gently. I have since used the full 100% power but for my personal preference, this was just too much and wasn’t as enjoyable. I would have loved to try some different attachments perhaps a bigger attachment or a penis cover, just to see if this added anything to the overall experience of Sybian.

10 Total Score
Sybian Sex Machine

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  1. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the Sybian, great review and I love your cartoons. Congratulations on squirting for the first time 😉

    • Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the Sybian, I have to say I thought that squirting was a myth until I got my hands on the Sybian. It was an absolute pleasure and I now believe every review that states this is the secret to squirt.

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