Love Heart Leather Female Chastity Belt Review kindly sent me the Love Heart Leather Female Chastity Belt for in return for an honest and unbiased review and of course I was only too happy to oblige.

As with all items from the chastity belt arrived via Royal mail in discreet packaging with no logos or wording to suggest it was from Bondara. (Which saves a lot of embarrassment when taking the delivery off your postie, especially if they are your regular postie).

On opening the Chastity belt, it immediately feels well made and extremely good value for money. Made from black leather to give it that kinky hardcore feel but finished with a softer fabric on the trim for comfort. The front features a heart making it look pretty and feminine. Fully adjustable and expandable at the rear and can be locked into place using the padlock (included) which locks at the buckle. I am so excited to use this belt, and I’m sure Master X will enjoy teasing me while I am unable to pleasure myself.

The great thing about this chastity belt is it fits up to a 39″ waist, but if you are bigger, they also do a plus size version which fits up to a 47″ waist. I think the fact there is a plus size version is brilliant and shows you don’t have to be stick thin to enjoy the kinkier things in life. Sometimes underwear and belts like this are made with the smaller girls in mind, and voluptuous girls are left with little variety and feeling frumpy.

The belt being leather naturally means it can be wiped clean (and this will obviously come in handy) although I would avoid using toy cleaners or other cleaning products as not to ruin the leather.

The chastity belt was easy to put on a bit like a thong but with an adjustable waist and crotch. I undid the buckles, stepped into the belt pulled it up and adjusted accordingly. This took a few steppings in and out to get the perfect fit, but this was easy enough. Probably a lot easier with a partner to help and probably a hell of a lot sexier. So, I waited for Master X to come home so I could test it properly.

Master X restrained my hands by tying them above my head and then securing them to the bed. He softly licked and kissed my stomach making his way to my nipples and slowly began nibbling and teasing them with his tongue. I could feel his hard cock stabbing my thigh and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. Master X made his way down to my pussy sensually kissing and licking every millimetre of my body on his way. When he got to my pussy he paused, all I could feel was my pussy pounding, I wanted his tongue, his fingers, his cock…anything!!!

He slowly slid the Loveheart Leather Chastity Belt up my legs and softly stroked by clit, sneaking his fingers shallowly into me, I forced my hips down to force his fingers further, but he pulled them out. He slowly inserted some Kegal Balls into me then yanked up the chastity belt and pushed me onto my sided so he could tighten and fasten the belt.

Master X continued nibbling, licking and rubbing my nipples as my pussy throbbed against the hard black leather of the chastity belt and the kegels teased with every flinch I made. I could tell Master X was getting off on me being unable to please myself while he teased and caressed my whole body, which made me even more horny.

Every nudge I made the kegels would move giving me the most amazing sensation while the chastity belt rubbed my pussy almost as if it was teasing me. I could feel the leather getting wetter and wetter.

Master X continued by stuffing his huge cock down my throat, Every time I gagged the Kegels would move and the belt rub, Master X knew I was getting more and more turned on, so he carried on thrusting harder and faster, until, eventually I was on the edge of orgasm. He stopped for a moment while he tugged and bit my nipples before he shoved his cock back in my mouth and fucked me harder and faster. The more I gagged, the more sensation I was feeling. It didn’t take long before I was in the midst of a really powerful orgasm and just as I was finished Master X squirted his load all over me.

Master X's Thoughts

6 Total Score
Love Heart Leather Female Chastity Belt

Overall I love the Love Heart Leather Chastity Belt. Being a Sub, it was definitely something I would have considered buying. Its simple design makes it not as scary as some of the other chastity belts available so this is definitely something I’d advise for a beginner. It is surprisingly comfortable compared to some of the chastity belts I’ve used too. The only thing I didn’t like about this belt and would change is how tricky it was to fasten, but this was mainly due to it being fixed at the rear. I think that having someone to put this on for you makes the whole experience a lot more fun.

  • Wipe clean
  • Adjustable
  • Simple design
  • comes in plus size
  • comfortable
  • Amazing value for money
  • Tricky to Fasten (fastens at the back)
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