Echo the Snowstrider Dildo Review

Another Bad Dragon review I am sorry but I cannot get enough of Bad Dragon Sex Toys; I am even converting my fellow bloggers now check out Master X’s Sugar Star the Pony Review. Anyway, today I am reviewing a special Bad Dragon toy because it was a Christmas Present from my Panda Boy. It’s a new toy that was released just before Christmas and his name is Echo the Snowstrider.


Overview of Echo the Snowstrider

Echo the Snowstrider comes in 5 sizes, unlimited colours, with or without a cum tube, with or without suction cup.

Specification of my Echo the Snowstrider

After the fun but stretched time with Clayton the Earth Dragon I thought I would try a smaller Bad Dragon Toy this time so I requested my Echo the Snowstrider in a Small size which is a modest (for Bad Dragon) 7.75 inches in length and with the widest girth of 5.35 inches. I also went for a medium firmness of silicone for the base and a squidgy soft for the shaft I still love the soft silicone it’s as plush as a sex toy gets. As a secret Star Wars fan, I had to go for the Luke Warm colour which is exclusive to this toy.

Skunky's Echo the Snow Strider

I have to be honest when I got my Echo delivered I was a little hung over from the night before so after opening the front door to the UPS guy wanting to knock him has hard as he had my door he did end up getting a smile when I realised what he was delivering, although I probably scared him the way I was feeling.

I stumbled back up to bed feeling sorry for myself and attempted to open up my new toy losing my temper a little there wasn’t much of a box left (sorry I don’t handle hangovers very well). Finally got my hands on Echo, he is such a cute little chappy all squidgy and soft with amazing colouring. Matt grey balls with a pearlescent ruby red shaft, if you look closely to the shaft, it has a scaly look to it (not texture).

As always we must do a line up of my growing Bad Dragon toy collection to have a quick comparison.

Getting to know Echo the Snow Strider

Echo has a good looking cock I have to say, with a small head with small little bumps around the edge leading down to a bulbous shaft with a ripped texture running down to a final well-textured knot. Hungover or not I was testing Echo out straight away.

Luckily I didn’t have to get our of bed because Panda Boy had included a bottle of Brad Dragon Cum Lube, removing the lid and squeezing the gloopy very realistic cum lube into my pussy this was the first time I had started out with a creampie but it felt good very soothing and this alone got me excited. I teased my clit with the tip of Echo and slapped my pussy gently while the cum lube stuck to his bellend making a right mess all over me, the bumpy ridges on his shaft teasing my clit. My body was limp from being intoxicated the night before but my pussy was begging to be filled. I slid him inside me really feeling the growth of his shaft has it got thicker the deeper he went and the raised texture as I slid him in and out felt real good. I pushed him in up to his knot and with a little pressure he was in, all you could see was his grey balls. The curve of his cock meant he was reaching my g-spot and the shallow hole on his tip was rubbing me inside.

I was once again on cloud Bad Dragon. I could thrust hard and fast getting the great sensations of the thick bulge in his shaft rather than usually getting this sensation from the head of the penis meaning I could keep him inside me rubbing up against my g-spot. My pussy was gushing cum lube with each and every move of Echo subtle or not, these sheets will need washing.

Wow, I had a trembling orgasm but didn’t want to stop I couldn’t feel my legs it was as if Echo himself had lifted me off my feet and was pounding my sticky wet pussy, filling me with his seed, fucking me faster and faster until a screamed out in pleasure I wasn’t sure was possible.


Oops, I must have fell asleep with all the excitement I had woken up in a pool of sticky white cum lube. I am not sure if it was the hangover or Echo the Snowstriders mighty cock but this toy test really took it out of me.

9 Total Score
Echo the Snowstrider Dildo

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