Sugar Star the Pony Masturbator Review

Today I will be reviewing a Sugar Star the Pony masturbator by Bad Dragon thanks guys for sending me this. Now I am not normally one for fantasy toys this is definitely Skunky’s expertise but as she doesn’t have a penis, and she has had her fair share of Bad Dragon toys, besides she manages to bring them up in nearly every conversation she has so its time for a fresh reviewer to make sure she isn’t being bribed by Bad Dragon.  Now I am not part of the new uprise of My Little Pony enthusiasts also known as Bronies (Adult men that are fans of My Little Pony) that I think this product is aimed at.

Overview of Sugar Star the Pony

Bad Dragon as you may know from reading Skunky’s reviews produce some pretty awesome custom made sex toys, now Sugar Star the Pony is one of  currently 16 different male masturbators that Bad Dragon produce unlike their dildos they only come in one size and platinum cured silicone firmness but they do come in pretty much any colour imaginable. The circumference of the head is 10.75 inches and the length is 8 inches but don’t worry you guys out there lucky enough to be 8+ inches  your cock can go straight through and out the other end no problem. The texture of the inside of the toy can be viewed below in the cross section image.

Master X's Sugar Star the Pony

My Sugar Star the Pony which was kindly selected by Skunky and her secret contact Panda Boy at Bad Dragon is purple and blue marbled. Initial thought is Sugar Star has a juicy little fat pussy with a large clit on display.  There is also an upside down Dragon emblem on the side of the pussy. The handheld part of the toy is slightly bumped I presume for a better grip and then at the end it seems to be suddenly sliced a little uneven but this will not affect the toy performance.

Getting to Know Sugar Star the Pony

I flipped Sugar Star around and forced my throbbing cock into the tighter end of the toy it honestly felt like I had just penetrated her ass it was squeezing my cock and I could feel each thrust of my cock with my hands I was about to explode, my cock was so deep inside Sugar Stars ass when I blew my load it literally came gushing out of her fat pussy. With my cock still inside I grabbed Little Subs head and urged her to clean up the mess by sucking on Sugar Stars creampie pussy. I slowly slid my cock out as it was feeling way more sensitive than I have ever felt before.

Ok I so seen as I was testing a fantasy toy out I thought I would try it out Skunky style ….

I grabbed Sugar Stars fat pussy and a bottle of Bad Dragon clear cum lube and began to lube my cock, when my cock was throbbing and hard it was time to get to work on Sugar Stars cute plump little pussy. I rubbed my hard bellend up and down the pussy lips it felt nice they are very soft, as I pushed my cock past the lips it felt like my cock was being hugged by a squidgy cloud, until then I felt the ribbed inner texture brushing against my rock solid cock and as I pulled back the texture hooked under the head of my penis the friction was intense but in no way painful. I poured a generous amount of the lube down the end of the toy while my cock was still deep inside as it ran down I got a cooling sensation as the lube slicked the pussy up and allowed me to fuck it faster and harder.

Meanwhile Little Sub was knelt in front of me playing with her hard nipples and wet pussy but she wasn’t allowed to touch my new toy.

9 Total Score
Sugar Star the Pony Masturbator

I am a little annoyed because I have to admit Skunky is right Bad Dragon has some next level quality going on and this thing milked my cock like I was a virgin. As for the Pony theme not 100% sold but I could get into the whole fantasy toy thing watching Little Sub lick it clean was ace.

  • Incredible Texture
  • 100% platinum-cure silicone
  • Amazing Quality
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  1. God I want one of these. What you just described sounds like pure heaven

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