Skunky Joins the Team

Hi All,

I’m Skunky I got the name because well I dress as a Sexy Skunk a little like my avatar here on I have probably one of the most unusual fetishes of all but I am fine with that I would like to use this wonderful opportunity given by MasterX to educate and maybe get more people interested in what I do. So what do I do well as mentioned already I dress like a skunk and perform sexual activities with other like-minded people or also known as Furries, I must mention at this point that not all Furries are interested in sexual activities with each other and that there is much more to be being a Furry than just sex. But for me its very much about the sex I don’t really get out my Fursuit unless I am going to be fucked by a giant bear or tag teamed by a couple of bulls, but they are stories for another time. I think I should explain now that although this fetish seems to be about having sex with animals it is not bestiality it’s definitely not to me I do not fantasise about animals  let me make that clear right away. I enjoy the secrecy of who I am fucking I don’t want to know who they I also love mythical creatures so what better than to mix the two and get fucked at the same time. I am actually not classed as a full on Furry as I never wear a full costume again like my avatar I love the feel of the fur-suit worn by the guys against my skin too much.

Anyway, so what will I be writing about on Kinky Bondage Sex Blog I will writing about my Furry encounters, reviewing sex toys for furries and sharing my favourite Furry Art from around the web. I will also be here to tell you about up and coming Furry events that you might want to come to and finally answering any furry related questions you may have.

Hopefully that gives you an idea about me I am sure I will have lots more to tell you all in the near future.


Love you all


PS I have put together a little gallery to show you what Furries are here 

x x x

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  1. Hi Skunky what’s the best way of getting in touch to ask you a question?

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