Beginners Guide to Watersports

The weather has forecasted Golden showers…

To WEE or not to WEE? That is the question. If your wanting to create a splash in your extra curriculum activities, then urine the correct place. Watersports, piss play or Urolagnia can be seen as a taboo paraphilia in our society today, so why do so many see it as ‘dirty’ or ‘disgusting’? Considering that urine is near enough sterile when it passes the human body, for it to be called dirty seems like a strange conclusion to make. There are lots of reasons why many people choose to engage in watersports, from simply being aroused at the thought or sight of urine to achieving a much greater level of intimacy between themselves and their partner or to even enhance and intensify BDSM and humiliation play.
Below we have put together a simple guide to watersports.

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Play Safe

For those of us who are aroused at the thought of urine from golden showers to drinking it, we must wonder if its safe. Remember, that what goes into the body must come out, this includes any medication or supplements that are taken will be passed in the urine.

One of the main concerned while drinking urine is the mineral and sodium contents. It’s advisable that the person providing the urine drinks a lot of water about an hour or so before the water sports take place. It’s never advised to drink urine if dehydrated as urine will make you more dehydrated.

It’s good practice to start mid-stream than at the very start as this reduces the risk of transmitting bacteria. This means that the urethra will have flushed out any lingering bacteria to stop infections being passed.

Some people may worry about catching sexually transmitted infections. But studies show that urine that doesnt contain any visible traces of blood can not pass STI’s or HIV. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know your partner’s STI status. Always be safe never be sorry. Always sterilise your equipment before and after each use. You want to be creating memories not infections.

  • Drink lots of water an hour or so beforehand
  • Check your partners STI and HIV status before engaging in watersports(urine can facilitate Hepatitis B)
  • Don’t do anything too strenuous beforehand to stop yourself from becoming dehydrated
  • Sterilise all equipment before and after use
  • Avoid drinking urine if you’re already dehydrated as it can dehydrate you further.
  • Dont just start peeing on your partner without discussing it with them first.
  • Don’t use diuretic drugs during your play

Take it nice and easy

Its advisable to take thing slowly. You don’t want to dive in at the deep end without testing the water first. At Kinky Bondage Fetish, we are certainly no strangers to the weird and wonderful but we know that something that may work for one person won’t work for everyone. Thats why its extremely important to research and experiment before taking the massive leap.

Following the simple steps below may help you decide whether watersports are for you or not.

  • Take a pee next time you are on your own in the shower.
  • Watch your partner take a pee and have them watch you. Do this in the shower to start off with and then if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you could always venture outside. But do make yourself aware of public regulations and laws.
  • Why not try having a shower with your partner and asking them to pee whilst you hold your hand out in their stream.
  • As you get more comfortable and confident with the idea of urine, why not lie in the bath and ask your partner to wee on your stomach. Some might be lucky enough to experience an orgasm from this on its own.

Not being ones to discriminate here at Kinky fetish bondage we can only apologise for the fact that most of the above can only be practised with a partner. If you would much rather piss play alone then why not try self-peeing?

Time to begin

So, its time to make those all important decisions. Do you want to be on the giver or on the receiving end? What do you want to get out of your watersport fetish?

We embrace the fact that everyone is unique, and everyone has different ways in which they would like to engage in urolagnia. Some people become sexually aroused simply by the sensation of wetting themselves or watching someone else wet themselves either in private or public. Some people enjoy the feeling of holding in their urine or watching others do so this is referred to as omarashi. Then there’s those that enjoy pussing (the act of a male watching a female urinate in a semi-public place) or voyeurism (that act of watching undetected as someone pees). Many people choose to incorporate water sports into BDSM or sex play.

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Which Position Will You Choose?

Cataracts of the Nile

The woman lies on her back with her legs open. The man kneels between the legs and directs his urine stream directly at her clitoris. This works better if the woman is already slightly aroused. Feel free to incorporate a vibrator or dildo into the mix, but don’t forget to check that it is waterproof first!

The man rubs his penis on his partners face. Then when ready the partner opens their mouth to receive their liquid lunch.

Spitting Snake

Human Urinal

Oxballs Urinal Gag

For extreme BDSM enthusiasts why not try some petulant piss play? Not everyone has the best aim so why not try a funnel gag to make sure your partner or slave swallows every drop or they’re sadistic punishment.

Firstly enjoy some amazing foreplay! The man must give warning when about to ‘shoot his load’. At this stage, the woman squats over him and pees directly onto his penis, moving the stream up and down his penis

Log in the Amazon

The Fountain of Venus

Once the ladies bladder is full to capacity, she lies on her back with her legs astride. Her partner can then kneel or lie between her thighs and then performs the most orgasmic oral sex possible. When she feels the urge to pee she will empty her bladder, and it will squirt directly into he partners mouth.

The watersport equivalent to masturbation. Get your genitals directly above your face, to do this you should try lying back on your shoulders and propping your legs against a wall. Then open your mouth and pee.

Self Peeing

Once you’re sure, you want to piss play, decide upon where you want it to take place. Most choose baths or showers, but you can purchase watersport paddling pools to protect floors and furniture.

To avoid leaving a bitter taste in your partners mouth about watersports as a whole, stay away from eating foods that are high in protein and caffeine before play. Drink plenty of fruit juice or water before play as this can dilute your urine and make it taste nicer.
Ensure that the environment in which your going to be getting wet and wild in is of optimum temperature to avoid getting chills.
Unless your watersports are taking place in the bath or shower, theirs bound to be a mess to clean up, so its important to put some plastic sheets down to protect the designated area. Its also advisable to have some towels near by too.

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  2. Thank you for putting it in layman’s term, it makes life a lot easier and being 65 and not had the privilege of doing water sports, it will certainly make the process with my partner a lot more enjoyable. Once again, thank you.
    Kind regards, Michael XXX

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