What is a Furry?

Hi all,

As you all know I am a furry or a half furry depending on who you are I don’t really mind which you would use to describe me, I love wearing my fursuit that doesn’t fully cover my good bits (pussy, tits & ass) and I love being fucked by guys wearing a full fursuit. So that’s basically my reasons for being a furry but that doesn’t explain what a furry is exactly. So here goes I will try and enlighten you.

What is a Furry?

Well unfortunately there is not one definition of a furry each furry has there own outlook on this and a lot of the furry communities can’t even agree on what it is that makes someone a furry or not.

Some believe that to be a furry you must speak the furry language (yes there is a furry language I will cover this another time tho). They believe that even if you turn up to a furry convention wearing your £2500+ fursuit with books and books of furry art but you don’t speak the lingo then you’re not a furry.

Some argue that those that participate in furry sex are not really furries but just plain perverts, I don’t mind being called a pervert but not so happy this doesn’t make me a furry I mean surely even furries have sex right?

At the end of the day under the fursuits all furries are human and we all know humans love a debate and we all have different outlooks on life its pretty similar to what religion or race you are and to be if you enjoy being a furry then you are more than welcome to be one. The more the merrier if you ask me.

For some people being a furry is a hobby or an escape from the drone like reality we all live in and others see it as a way of life. It really doesn’t matter which you are as long as your enjoying doing what your doing.  It doesn’t have to be sexual (but of course it’s way better when it is, like most things) role play is one of the main reasons people first get into the world of furries. I remember my very first taste I got of being a furry was my butt plug bunny tail there was something enlightening about  having a tail, I know it sounds strange but I loved it and I found myself wearing it when ever I got the opportunity.  It made me feel cute and sexy.


How sexy are bunny butt plugs?

So becoming a Furry was a sexual progression for me and it always will be no matter whether it upsets the furry prudes of the world I am not saying being a furry is all about sex for everyone or that it should be but for me it is. I love not knowing what the man behind the mask looks like and I love the feel of a fursuit against my naked body so like or lump it.
So in conclusion my opinion of a furry is someone who enjoys dressing up in a fursuit or like me partial fursuit and in doing so entering a fantasy world that just doesn’t exist in the real world. Just because a furry does something you don’t agree on doesn’t mean they are not a furry if it did then the human race wouldn’t exist.
To show off how sexy tail butt plugs can be I put together my sexiest tail butt plug images in a gallery here

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