Tyler Joins the Team

Hey All,

My name is Tyler, and I have joined the KBFB team, after reading the blog post Beginners Guide to Watersports I became a fan and regularly checked for updates and reviews on sex toys that might suit me. It was soon apparent that as a young, inexperienced gay guy I didn’t really relate to a lot of the beginners guides, sex toy reviews and blog posts, but I enjoyed reading the content none the less. I toyed with starting my own blog but then had the brainwave that I could share my journey of exploring my sexual fetishes and desires on KBFB with the help and guidance of the team. I put this to Master X and he loved the idea and well the rest is history.

About Me

I am 19 years old and am regularly referred to as a Twink, I am not experienced at all in the world of sex, fetishes or sex toys, but I have some ideas of what I like and what I want to try. Which is the main reason I want to blog I want to share my experiences and findings with others and get feedback and suggestions also.

So I have received my first sex toy to review from the company Bondara which I will be reviewing very soon, wish me luck

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