101 Ways to Punish Your Sub

We know there are not 101 but we will be adding new ones on a regular basis. If you have a punishment you want to add to the list then please comment at the end of the post and we will even illustrate!

Being a Dom isn’t all about having a Sub, who listens to you’re every word that would be boring, or a sub who enjoys everything you do to them that’s just kinky sex. As a Dom you need to be able to punish bad behaviour just as much as you reward good behaviour and you have to understand that punishments are not as simple as a smack on the nose with a rolled up newspaper or physical harm to the point where your basically assaulting your sub this is what bad Dom’s do and I would just call this outright law breaking abuse.

Get inventive with your punishments, make it a punishment to remember and next time your sub will think twice about failing you. A good dom know’s there subs likes and dislikes both sexual and non-sexually so use this information. Here are my Top 101 ways I use to punish Little Sub and why

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Oxballs Urinal Gag

Human Urinal:

Little Sub loves the odd golden shower and other piss play but she is not all into drinking the stuff, So I attach a Funnel Gag and make her drink my piss. The funnel gag stops her from spitting and basically gives the choice or swallow or don’t breath. Top punishment for when she’s told to clean up my load and fails.

Put on Ice:

While your sub is restrained fully insert an ice cube into her panties, depending on the level of disappointment vary the length of time you leave the ice cube in place. On rare occasions Little Sub has had to wait for the whole cube to melt and soak into her panties this is truly a humiliating experience to watch.

Cock Choke:

This is one of the oldest punishments in the book, I only use this as a playful punishment as throat fucking is a favourite of Little Subs but even an enjoyed act can be made unenjoyable when taken a little too far. There is nothing more humbling than seeing tears streaming down your subs face from destroying her throat.

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The Long Kneel:

This is one of my favourites its a fun one to watch and you can place a little bet with yourself on how long she will last. You make your sub kneel until there legs can no longer hold them up. The best way to make sure this happens is to tie the wrists together and then there ankles and then join the bindings this will stop them from being able to get up. For added punishment place a graduating dildo below the pussy so as they sink the dildo penetrates them.


Take your sub to the bathroom and make them put there head in the bowl and flush, depending on how naughty they have been you can pee over them during this punishment.


Force your sub to watch you with another sub, this is a risky punishment even for a dom but it is a serious punishment. The best way to do this is to restrain your sub with bed restraints and play with the second sub on the same bed. Little Sub once had to endure this but I can say she has never reoffended.

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Public Humiliation:

There are 10o’s of ways to humiliate your sub in public so that’s for another time, but it’s a good way to remind your sub whos boss.


Everyone has food they do not like but its rare as an adult to be forced to eat something you don’t like. Little Sub has been known to throw up during this type of punishment so I like to keep the use of this to a minimum as sick isn’t a kink of mine at all.


Stop your sub from having any sexual pleasure tie them up and leave them for long periods of time unable to touch themselves, or fit a chastity belt and do all the things they love to them that dont involve the clitoris or pussy. This can drive them insane and once the punishment is over you can be assured they will be begging for it.

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Never Ending Pleasure:

No matter how horny your sub is or how high there sex drive is they can only take so much fucking before pleasure becomes discomfort and discomfort becomes pain. I like to hook Little Sub up to our sex machine for long periods of time. I know the punishment has been taken when her eyes start to water.


Most subs love to get a good spanking, but at the end of the day spanking is a punishment and can be very painful even for the hardest of subs. A spanking punishment should be hard enough to get her shouting out the Amber warning word, if you hear the Green warning word during spanking then you need to up your game and go for a RED. (if you don’t understand this one read this).


Sometimes your sub my verbally defy you and as your parents may have threatened for bad words, “I will wash your mouth out with soap” that’s exactly what I did to Little Sub after an argument about my new haircut she has not said my hair looked stupid since. ( I did look stupid but who the fuck is she to tell me).

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Hot Wax:

Hot wax can be pleasurable when dripped onto the naked body from a good height, but if your sub needs to be taught a lesson you can lower the distances from which you pour the molten wax onto her burning her flesh just enough to leave a mark.

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