Why I submit to my master

I wanted to explain what the relationship between my master and me is and why I submit myself to him. It’s a question I get a lot because people want to know why I would want to be put through to what they think is unpleasant pain and humiliation, but to me it is much more than that so I thought I would give it a go and explain it from my point of view Little Sub.

Firstly I must clear up one thing that most people just don’t seem to grasp, yes I am a sub with a master (who is also my long term partner) but only one master it doesn’t give anybody else the right to treat me like their sub I am a one master kind of girl. Me and MasterX have not always had a sub/dom relationship we where once upon a time a plain old vanilla couple, ok well not old because we are both in our mid 20’s but you get the point. It was me that started the process of us finding our kink, early in our relationship I would find myself getting incredibly turned on when we argued and MasterX raised his voice in real anger. The mistake I made was not telling him about this new little kink I had discovered so in the coming months I was causing arguments left, right and centre. The arguments were always around small petty things and I would always quickly revert to apologise and practically beg forgiveness but MasterX was never one over easily and would brush off any sexual advances I made towards him. This just drove me wild I was being punished and I loved it.

My new found kink was nearly the cause of us breaking up, one argument too many and my begging was getting me absolutely no were. I thought I had ruined my relationship! But with a lot of will power I stopped causing the petty arguments and we were soon back to the young loved up couple we had been previous. Months went by and we were happy ok I wasn’t getting my kink fix but it was a small price to pay for keeping my soon to be master.

We had a good sex life really before we introduced my kink into the bedroom and MasterX was always the one that was in control in bedroom from day one really but slowly we talked more about sex and sex toys and what we do and didn’t like and it turns out MasterX was fantasising the Dom role from the outset of our relationship. Now we are open about or kinks we get to explore them together in the roles that we have each chosen. Kind of romantic really we literally are made for each other (mini-sick).

I know that me and my master both love and cherish each other and as his sub I give myself up to him body and mind. I know he will never take it too far and I know that he loves me so I am more than happy to answer to his every need and want if he sees fit that I have failed him then I should be punished, even though this is what I really want.

So to sum it up being a sub is a choice you have to want to be someone’s sub and a master can’t just make you their sub this is the difference between a Dom/Sub relationship and domestic abuse in my opinion.

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