Beginners Guide to Sex Machines

Sex and Fucking Machines can add a whole new dimension to your love life whether you are on your own or with a partner. They can add amazing levels of enjoyment and allow you to do things that you have only ever fantasised about. They are a great way of enjoying hands-free masturbation and when used as part of a couple can allow you to simulate threesomes or experience double penetration in all of its forms.

Sex and Fucking Machines also lend themselves to light or heavy BDSM play where they are ideal for either forced orgasm fun or orgasm denial where you can tease a sub for hours with one.

Before buying a sex machine, you need to understand a few basics about them and understand some or the terminology used and also know what sort of questions you need to ask a retailer.

Types of Sex Machines

There are several types of sex machine and I will talk about each in turn briefly before going on to talk about what to look for when considering buying one.

Ride On Sex Machines (Sybian)

This machine is the daddy of sex machines and it hasn’t changed much since it was invented in the 70’s. It is an internet and TV star and really is the machine to get if you can afford its massive price tag. It takes an attachment on its top and looks like a barrel, you lower yourself onto it and straddle it in use.

You straddle the Sybian and insert the attachment into your vagina, your clitoris rests against a nubbed portion of the attachment and these nubbs are designed to transmit the vibrations directly to your clit.

The machine just has two controls on a corded remote and these are rotation and vibration, each function has its own on/off switch. The rotation feature makes the attachment move around inside of you applying pressure to your g-spot whilst the vibration control alters the speed of the vibrations from amazing to OMG.

I can highly recommend the Sybian and using one actually caused me to squirt for the first time in my life, try one you will not be disappointed.


Fucking Machines

These machines come in all shapes and sizes, and they normally use an electric motor to create an in and out thrusting action for a dildo or vibrator. These are the most common form of sex machines, and they come in a multitude of different price ranges from £100 to £2000 for a top of the range Shockspot.

Different machine allow different positions of use. The cheaper ones are often only suitable for use in the missionary or doggy position but some of the better machines will allow you to use it sitting or even standing.

Look for one with a number of different dildo-mounting options. The most common is the Vac-u-lock system where you can easily switch dildos in seconds but with this system there are only a couple of manufacturers producing dildos. Whilst the range is great you should look for a machine that also has a universal mounting system so that you can use anything even the toys you already own.


You sit on these machines and move yourself forwards and backwards on them in a manner not too different to a rocking chair and the chair translates this movement into an up and down movement of the dildo. This is a great way to burn off some extra energy but for long session you might find your legs getting tired.

These machines are almost totally silent but you may not be.

Power Tool Sex Machines

You can obtain adaptors to mount in a drill or a reciprocating saw to allow you to use one with a dildo on the end. Whilst you can do this I wouldn’t recommend it as the speeds that these machines can generate can lead to injury through friction if you are not careful. If you do go down this route then please use lots of lube and get a machine that is waterproof.

Use a proper adaptor to mount a dildo, don’t just stick a dildo on the end of a saw blade as anyone with a modicum of common sense can see what is going to happen if you use it and serious injury of god forbid death could result from doing so. Use at your own risk.

Home Made Fucking Machines

Lots of people make their own sex machines and there are plans available on the net to build basic machines and a monkey rocker clone. If you do make one yourself get someone qualified to do the electrics and think about waterproofing them as body fluids do transmit electricity. Think safety first with every step of the build. It can be relatively cheap to make a sex machine.

A lot of people use car windscreen motors for their builds, one bonus with doing so is that it will be a 12V system which is safer and you can get a lot of torque out of a windscreen motor but the top speed will probably be restricted to about 120RPM.

Whilst building a sex machine might appear to be a cheap option when you consider the safety implications of something going wrong it would probably be best to buy a machine designed as a sex toy rather than to cobble one together yourself unless you are very technically and safety minded.

Buying a Sex Machine

Before looking at something you would like to buy you should consider these key performance characteristics of fucking machines and you can use them to compare machines against each other.

Speed : This is usually expresses in RPM (revolution per minute) and this is a direct indication of how fast the machine can thrust.

Depth Of Thrust: Some machines only move the dildo in and out by a few inches whilst others can more it up to 12 inches on each stroke.

Power or Torque: This is the figure that shows you how strong a motor is. When thrusting a dildo into a tight orifice, the machine needs to overcome a lot of friction. It is possible to clamp your muscles down on a weak machine and stall it which isn’t good for you and is definitely not good for the machine. Basically you want the strongest motor that you can afford.

Positions: How many positions can it be used in.

Size and Weight: You will need to store the machine when not in use so how big is it, can it be easily stripped down with or without tools and how heavy is it? If you plan on visiting friends with it then portability will be a big factor for you as will size.

Attachment System: Try to go for a machine that can accept Vac-u-lock dildos and has a universal mount. Avoid machines that take threaded dildos as you simply won’t be able to get other ones.

Price: This is a huge factor but with sex machines you definitely do get what you pay for.

Look around at review sites like mine or reviews on shop sites. Better still try to get some feedback from owners of machines, you can do this on sites like fetlife or look at visiting a swingers club with one.

There are even companies available who rent sex machines out (that is how I got to experience the Sybian), shop around as you can get some great deals. Renting is a great way to try before buying and the company I used even gives you a discount if you go on to buy after renting a machine.

I hope you found this article interesting and useful, basically take your time when selecting the right machine for you, do your homework and consider renting a machine before buying one to see if it is for you. Thanks for reading this, I’d love to hear what you think about it so why not place a comment below.

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I often provide pretty graphic accounts of what I get up to whilst doing reviews so they are not for the shy but if I like something I say so and if I don’t like something then I will tell you why. What do I hope to achieve with my blog? Well I hope firstly to be able to help others expand their sexual knowledge and experiences and I hope that along the road I can become a better person for doing so.

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