Do Bathmate Penis Pumps Work?

I have wondered for years like I am sure many men have and do does the incredible Bathmate penis pump actually work? after all if visit the sites I do (naughty porn) then you will more than likely have seen a banner advertising Bathmate Penis pumps. But like most men I have done my research into penis enlargement methods and have always drawn the conclusion that it just isn’t a possibility and decided against throwing £100+ at it.


But I was approached by one of our sex toy suppliers Sexcite and asked to review it after warning them that I don’t have a positive outlook on penis enlargement and that the review would be 100% honest no holds barred, because after all if I am not willing to spend the money I wouldn’t advise our readers to they said were even more keen for me to be the one to review it. So after a dozen or so emails I agreed to do a full 90 days review of the Bathmate Hydromax Extreme x30 Penis Pump and document my findings for all to see.

I should be receiving the Bathmate Hydromax Extreme in the next few days to I will begin writing my weekly review on the product. At last I will be providing 1000’s if not 100,000’s of men with the truth about penis enlargement using a Bathmate Penis Pump.

I would love to hear of other peoples experiences so if you have anything to share with me good, bad or maybe some advice please do so in the comments.

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