Beginners Guide to Tying Someone Up

Tying someone up or being tied up can be a lot of fun. But if you’ve never done it before it can be a bit daunting so here’s our guide to tying someone up for the first time.

Communicating is of the utmost importance and absolutely essential when engaging in any kinky play. Before any bondage is carried out, talk to your partner. Tell them what you want to try, what you like, what you are willing to try and what you’re not willing to try. Also let them tell you what they like, don’t like and are willing and not willing to try. This ensures your both on the same page. A list of yes, no and maybe’s might help. If you’re a complete bondage novice and have never been tied up or tied someone up, then you won’t be sure on what you will feel or how you will react. So it’s important to make sure you and your partner have a signal or safe word or phrase which means activity must stop immediately. Some people choose a traffic light system where ‘red’ means stop immediately, and ‘green’ means it’s safe to carry on. The goal of bondage is to have fun safely. It’s important to stay safe, sane and keep it consensual. Also, remember communication is key.

  • Don’t ever tie ropes in a way that might stop someone’s ability to breathe or in a way that may cause them harm
  • Don’t leave someone you have tied up alone.
  • Always keep flat edged safety scissors nearby in case of an emergency in which the restrainee needs to be cut free.
  • Check areas of the skin that might be losing blood circulation very regularly. Look for whitening or bluing of the skin. Any signs or circulation loss immediately loosen or remove the ropes. Check your partner is ok regularly and ask them to notify you if they have any pins and needle or numbing sensations.

The best kind of rope to use for bondage is thick cotton rope or silk rope, as both materials don’t slide or move about much once tied. But this type of rope can be very costly and unless you’re willing to invest a vast amount of money into buying bondage rope its best to go for an alternative. Solid-braid Nylon rope around 3/8″ or 7/16″ in diameter is another good less costly option and is available from most DIY and hardware shops. Unlike some types of ropes, the knots will stay easy to undo even when pulled around and tightened.

Rope can be used for a multitude of purposes so unlike other types of bondage toys rope is multi-purpose. It can use it to make handcuffs, make a flogger, and it can be used to restrain someone in many may ways.

Before you tie someone up, read the safety tips below-

Keep rope loose enough for you to be able to fit two fingers between the rope and partners skin. The goal is to restrain not to hurt or cut off your restrainees circulation. If the rope is going to get damp or wet through the use of liquids, it’s advisable to loosen the rope even more.

Go slowly! Perhaps start with tying your partners hands behind their back while they are sat on a chair or lay head down on your bed. They won’t be able to see what you’re doing which creates the perfect opportunity for you to check your phone on how to tie that tricky knot or for ideas on what to do next. Plus going slower can add a new kind of dimension to your kinky play.

Below are the directions for tying your kink partners wrists together, but this technique could also be used for tying their ankles, wrists to ankles or ankles to furniture. The wrap is thick enough for it to feel very solid and seemingly comfortable. You can leave a bit of rope dangling so that you can pull and tug your partner around or tuck the dangling rope in and pull your partner around by pulling the wrap itself. Or anything else that you fancy.

You will need:

25 ft of rope
A partner who is willing
Blunt edged scissors (in case of an emergency)


1. Your partner must their hands out wrists up, with about two wrists gap between hands. Put the rope lay over the wrists with the middle of the rope roughly in between the hands. Wrap the ends around twice, for five wraps.

2. Cross the ropes under the soon to be handcuffs. Bringing them back up and over on the opposite sides from where they started. (the front over the back and the back rope over the front.

3. Wrap the ends of the rope around, moving towards your kink partners wrists. Stop winding once you still have a small space between the wrapped rope and the retrainees skin., You should end up with equal amounts of wraps on each side of the first crossed ropes. If things look a little too loose, twist each side in the same direction you wound it up to tighten it. You might need to wrap each end one or twice more.

4. Lift the final loop on the left side and then tuck the end of the rope through it. Repeat on the opposite side to tie everything off. Pull both ends of the rope to ensure it’s secure. Either tuck the remaining ends of the ropes if there short enough or use them to tie your kink partner to something else.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully tied someone up! Now the fun may really begin.

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